our Story

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It all started when…

Two moms who left for a short term mission trip to Haiti. There they were able to connect with long term missions organizations who believe in sustainability through job creation. Once they came back to the states, they decided to open a boutique as a way to continue creating jobs - this time internationally: for struggling moms in Haiti and for struggling moms in the States. As time has pushed on that has shifted from moms to women and from just women to both moms and dads; women and men. Striving to establish hope, Espwa aims to be a stepping stone for women and men to further themselves by equipping them, through our partnerships, to establish a career and a life for themselves and their families.

Espwa’s dream is to be a hub for hope- a place to connect with ethical and intentional organizations and encourage the power of a purchase. We strive to walk alongside people and businesses that are making an impact.


OUR Mission

With unemployment in Haiti hovering between 60-75%, parents are often left with no choice but to abandon their children in hopes they will find a better life. We have witnessed what happens when parents are offered the opportunity to work and create a life for themselves and their children. Our mission is two fold, in Haiti we are walking alongside our fair trade partners to support job creation, fair wages, full family support and empowerment and back here in the states, we are educating consumers on the dangers of fast fashion and the impact we can make by simply shopping intentionally.