Gift of Hope

Founded in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Gift of Hope is changing lives through stable income, discipleship, education, and the investment of relationships. Together with their founding nonprofit organization, Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, they employ over 70 Haitians and pay a living wage that is at least three times the minimum wage. They also partner with local artisans to support Haitian entrepreneurs. You can unite with them to preserve families by shopping and wearing powerful things!

Haiti Design Co.

Haiti Design Co houses and partners with production teams working in many types of artisan crafting, including leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, aluminum casting, metal work, weaving, beadwork, horn & bone, tailoring, and shoe making. They work to provide consistent employment in-house in order to give job training and stability to individuals in vulnerable situations, as well as raise up artisan leaders to succeed as independent entrepreneurs in the community. 


Petite Palm

Founded by Dani Troyer and Holly Ravenhorst in 2017, Petite Palm is a socially conscious lifestyle brand nestled under the Caribbean sun in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  There are one-of-a-kind goods craft opportunity for women to thrive.   When you purchase their products, you choose to stand tall in the fight for justice.

It is estimated that the unemployment rate in Haiti is well over sixty percent.  They believe job creation is key to seeing Haiti flourish.  Women are eager to work, but lack opportunity.  By offering dignified employment with living wages, we work alongside these women who know they are able to make a lasting impact in their families and communities.


They strive to connect consumers to tangible ways to use their purchasing power to sustain growth in the lives of hardworking artisans.  They do this by By infusing the global market with unique, well made goods, and by creating a community of people who believe in doing good for the dignity of all.

Haiti Mama

They work with the Haitian Government to reunite children in orphanages with their families.

They strive to empower two generations of each family through education + employment services to break the cycle of poverty.

They use evidence-based social work practice + theory to achieve outcomes.

Haiti Mama provides a number of services including…


Providing a community-based service alternative to orphanages. They work to reunite children with kin, rehabilitate impoverished parents, and restore broken family systems. 


 Their Education Program is designed to break the cycle of generational poverty through employment through reading, writing, and vocational training.


They strive to offer Haitians opportunities to provide for themselves and their families. Currently 75% the families we work with have received employment through Haiti Mama.


They offer specialized, 1-on-1 care for children with disabilities and a history of neglect or abandonment. The program also offers sustainable employment for their caretakers.

Singing Rooster

Singing Rooster Inc. supplies U.S. and other international markets with gourmet roasted Haitian coffee (green or roasted), chocolate bars or cacao (for chocolate-making) and art (for fair trade retailers, nonprofit fundraising). Join us – we’re a social enterprise nonprofit with a big heart. We partner commercially with small producers in Haiti to build better businesses while simultaneously re-introducing the world to fabulous Haitian products. . We’re a member of the Fair Trade Federation but are bigger than #fairtrade or direct trade coffee; we have built inroads to first world markets on behalf of farmers for nearly a decade. We re-invest our proceeds with farmers to build better businesses.

Haiti won independence from France in 1804 to become the world’s first black republic. Since that time, they’ve been fighting for economic sovereignty. Coffee is a significant path towards this goal, where heirloom Arabica Typica coffee plants have produced rare, specialty coffee for centuries. Haiti was once one of the world’s greatest producers of coffee; Singing Rooster is helping put #haitiancoffee back on the map.