Coffee- Ground

Coffee- Ground


Singing Rooster is a part of the Fair Trade Federation. The farmers of Haiti are paid a minimum of $3.30 per pound of coffee. With another $.50 when the beans sell. Ground Coffee comes in six blends.

Decaf- Roasty goodness, hints of dark chocolate. Balanced cup, mellow & smooth.

Medium- Tinges of lemony highlights balanced by a rich, chocolaty body. Smooth & Lingering finish.

French- deep, smoky-taste with hints of attractive bittersweet flavors, lighter body (all dark roasts have lighter bodies).

Cuckoo-Roo- Velvety chocolate body with a natural fruity surprise.

Tete Source- Premium.   This coffee excels at Espresso application, French press & drip brew.

Vienna- Roasty goodness, chocolatey body, subtle citrus undertones. Smooth. not too light – not too dark.

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